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Crossroads Centre
Drug and Alcohol Recovery Homes

Address: 580 North Algoma Street, Wing H
Mailing address: Box 21116
Thunder Bay, ON P7A 8A7
Phone: (807) 622-2730
Fax: (807) 622-7587

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Terms of Residency

The purpose of Crossroads Centre is to provide a safe, secure, supportive environment for individuals in the early stages of recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction.

A serious recovery effort and a supportive attitude toward clients and staff are necessary to live at Crossroads Centre. These Terms of Residency apply to all clients, on and off of Crossroads property.

Crossroads Centre believes that in order to be free from addiction, that the focus must be Recovery First.

In order for us to assist you in your recovery, and for a safe and healthy environment to be maintained for everyone, we request a commitment from you to the following:

1. Crossroads has a zero-tolerance policy on using or possessing any alcohol and/or illegal drugs or misuse of prescription or over-the-counter drugs. A violation of this policy will result in immediate discharge.

2. Crossroads has a zero tolerance policy on violence. This includes mental, emotional, sexual or physical violence, intimidation or threats (direct or indirect). A violation of this policy will result in immediate discharge.

3. Crossroads Centre has a zero tolerance policy on relationships between male and female clients. Intimate relationships, sexual relationships and dating between clients is not permitted. No visiting or phone calls between male and female clients is allowed. Crossroads Centre strives to create a healthy environment for those in early recovery, and to assist clients in maintaining a focus on recovery. As well, such relationships can cause discomfort for other clients.

4. Crossroads Centre does not tolerate aggressive behaviour, swearing, name-calling, demeaning jokes or comments, gossiping, or aggressive non- verbal behaviour (such as glaring, gestures, slamming doors, etc.).

5. No weapons are permitted at Crossroads Centre. This includes knives, switchblades, sharps (needles) or any other object deemed potentially dangerous by staff.

6. Active participation in group programming is mandatory. Active participation is contributing appropriately to group discussions and exercises, providing helpful feedback to group members, coming to groups on time with a willing attitude and an open mind, and using respectful language. It is required that you share topic-related thoughts and feelings with the group, and allow others a chance to share their thoughts and feelings.

7. Clients are not to enter the casino, bars or nightclubs. Clients are not to be in any location where alcohol or drugs are being used or sold (ie. a house, wedding or bar section of a restaurant). Clients are not to be with any people who are intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Should a client need to be in a location where alcohol is being served, they must first discuss this with their primary counsellor.

8. Gambling, betting on sports, scratch tickets, lottery tickets, nevadas, bingo and other forms of gambling are not allowed.

9. Unsuitable discussions are not allowed while you are a client of Crossroads Centre. These discussions re-create old, unhealthy using environments, can trigger others, may be viewed as aggressive and intimidating by peers, and do not contribute to a serious recovery. Unsuitable discussions are defined as talking about using, selling, buying or abusing alcohol and drugs, committing crimes, being incarcerated, how to manipulate situations, making sexual comments, gestures or suggestions, and criticizing or making negative comments about others. Clients are welcome to discuss any of the above with their counsellor.

10. Inappropriate clothing is not allowed such as clothes/hats with alcohol or drug related logos, jokes, or pictures, sexual connotations or swears. Ripped clothing, exposed underwear, belly shirts, short-shorts, mini skirts and bathing suits are not permitted. Pajamas are not to be worn to groups or counselling sessions. Material that is violent, pornographic or disrespectful is not permitted. This includes videos, movies, magazines, posters, etc. Sunbathing is not permitted on Crossroads property.

11. No products containing alcohol are permitted. This includes mouthwash, aftershave, hairspray, cough syrup, nail polish remover, etc.

12. Crossroads Centre is a scent-free environment. The use of fragrance products such as hair and body sprays, perfumes, aftershave and scented lotions are not permitted. This does not include shampoo, soap, hair mousse/gel or deodorant.

13. Curfew for pre-treatment clients is 11pm. Curfew for post-treatment clients is 12am. The doors to all houses will be locked at midnight. All clients are expected to be in their houses by curfew. If you arrive late, you must notify the staff on duty. You are not to let someone into a house who is late, please call staff to let them in.

14. Requests for weekend passes can be made after four weekends of residency. Passes are not automatically approved and must be supported by your counsellor. Passes to hotel rooms are not allowed. Clients returning from a weekend pass must check in with staff. Pretreatment clients do not qualify for weekend passes.

15. It is the responsibility of all clients to inform staff of any prescription and non- prescription (such as tylenol, vitamins, herbal supplements, gravol or alternative medicines) medication they have in their possession. Medications will be placed in a secured cabinet and must be in their original container. Clients who receive prescriptions while at Crossroads Centre are to bring the prescription to staff to arrange for the prescription to be filled and delivered. Caffeine supplements, energy drinks, performance enhancing drugs, protein shakes and laxatives are not permitted.

16. Pre-treatment clients are required to attend a minimum of five (5) closed AA/NA meetings per week. Post-treatment clients are required to attend a minimum of three (3) closed AA/NA meetings each week. Additional or alternative self-help programs (such as a healing circle) or an open meeting can be substituted for one closed meeting. This is to be discussed with your counsellor and will be considered as part of your recovery plan.

17. Crossroads is non-smoking facility. There is no smoking in any of Crossroads buildings. You must be more than 3 meters from any door when you are smoking. The preferred smoking locations are in the smoking shelters or at the picnic tables. Should you need to smoke after curfew you are expected to lock the door upon returning to the building.

18. Post-treatment clients are to be on site for meals from Monday to Friday their first month of residency. Pre-treatment clients are to be on site for meals from Monday to Friday for their entire term of residency. This allows for clients to get to know each other and to begin to develop an in-house support network.

19. All clients are assigned chores and household responsibilities that are a requirement to live at Crossroads Centre. Chores are to be completed willingly and in a timely manner. All clients are responsible for keeping themselves and their living spaces clean. Clients are to wash their linens and bedding on a weekly basis.

20. The following items are not permitted at Crossroads Centre: televisions, gaming machines, hand-held gaming machines, computers or laptops. Cell phones must be turned off when on site. Ipods are to be used only in bedrooms and are not to be used during meals or groups.

21. Hair dying, hair cutting, piercing and tattooing is not allowed on site.

22. Guest and counselling fees, where applicable, must be paid in advance.

23. Clients who have a personal vehicle on site may not transport or offer rides to other clients, at any time during their residency.

24. Crossroads Centre will dispose of any personal property that is left behind 30 days from the discharge date. Medication that is left behind will be disposed of within 24 hours of discharge.

All staff and clients are expected to assist in ensuring that Crossroads is a safe environment. If you are aware of anyone violating these Terms of Residency, you are to report it to a staff member. All such reports are anonymous.

These terms of residency must be signed by client.
Click here to download the Terms of Residency form.
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